About The Ampguy

With my friend the late Dr Jim Marshall, an inspiration to us all, sadly missed.


Steve Ayers has been building and repairing amplifiers for over 35 years, his first successful repair was a valve record player when he was just eight years old!

After a CGLI course at Kings Lynn Technical College, where he graduated with two distinctions and a credit, he started work with an aerospace electronics company working on amongst other things test equipment for the Jaguar aircraft. Steve has also worked as a Radio and TV engineer and this gave him a great foundation for repairing guitar amplifiers which have very similar circuitry to the valve TV sets of the late 1970's.

The name AMPGUY came about when Steve had many phone calls from guitarists with broken equipment asking if he was the AMPGUY and if could he fix their amps, the name has stuck.

Steve also gives courses in how to keep your equipment working, this is a flexible course which caters for anyone from an amateur guitarist who wants to know more about the way his set-up works and how to improve it, to someone looking for a career in artist support (guitar tech).

Steve is also involved in artist support, and is available for hire. 

Services include:

Call Steve on 07770413836 for rates and availability. 

Steve's partner Tena Lynn is responsible for much of the administration for AMPGUY, and is in charge of the most important part of the whole operation .............. TEA!!

Tena takes a very important call !