We repair virtually anything from our workshops in Norwich, so long as it is cost effective. Anything from a new string to a full refurbishment of your Vox AC30!

We carry a vast range of spare parts for many types of amplifier, and we are part of a vast network of like-minded engineers and so we are able to get most spare parts. We try to get an amp on the bench within 14 - 21 days and repaired soon after. Sourcing some parts can cause delays, so this is not written in stone!

**All repairs carry our guarantee for your peace of mind.**

Our labour charges are £25 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour)

We will give an estimate for the work required if you need it. And you can then decide if you want the work done, there will be a labour charge for any time spent over the 1st hour if you then decide not to have the work done by us.

We always PAT test electrical equipment that we repair, for your safety.

Click this link to see our PAT Policy Statement

If you fit new output valves to an amplifier it is always a good idea to check the bias and anode current even on a cathode bias circuit as this will tell you if the output valves are balanced.

We bias using three methods together, an oscilloscope, anode current meter (bias-probe) and a grid volt meter. This is the best method for getting a good consistent result that makes for a great sounding amp.

We recommend JJ valves for your amp, we use them because they are reliable and have a superb sound. We re-test and re-grade all of our valves, this way we can be as sure as possible that you are getting a quality valve set that is well matched. Our main valve tester is a 1950's Taylor 45C, still going strong after all these years.