Do you want to know more about how your equipment works and what to do when it doesn't?

Can you maintain your guitar so that it doesn't let you down at that important gig?

How can you make sure that your amp won't kill you? Take a look at our hall of shame if you want to see the kind of stuff that can happen!

We can show you how to look after your kit and minimize the chances of something going wrong .............. but more importantly we can teach you what you can do to get the show back on the road quickly.

You can think of this course as a
GUITAR TECH'S ACADEMY, you will learn all the stuff guitar techs know ........ but you don't need a butt cleavage, a big bunch of keys hanging from your belt or a beergut to qualify for the course!

We do not aim to teach you how to play your instrument, but your playing will improve as you learn how to improve your sound and the confidence of this will inspire you on to better things.

You will cover these subjects

Guitars and Basses

Instrument choice

Care of your instrument

Re-stringing (there is only one way and that's my way!)

Truss-rod adjustments


Tuning problems

String breakages

Electrical problems

Changing a string during a gig and getting back into the song in less than a minute!

Amplifiers and Effects

How your amplifier works

Amplifier Choice

Electrical safety

Care of your amplifier

Periodic maintenance

What to do when it doesn't work

Getting a good sound

Which effects do I need?

Leads and their maintenance

Should I carry a spare?

and much more.

The course is for anyone who wants to know more about their equipment, or is gigging regularly and needs to know what to do when things go wrong.

There is no basic level of skill needed to attend the Survival Course, you don't need to be Steve Vai. We cater for anyone who is interested in the electric or acoustic guitar and wants more knowledge.


The course is tutored by Steve Ayers (The Ampguy), Steve has a wealth of guitar related knowledge gained from over 35 years as a guitar and amplifier repairer.

He is also the lead guitarist / singer in Fourplay, one of the longest running bands in the county, and as such has vast experience of playing live and dealing with the problems that can occur.

Steve is seen here playing "Hey Joe"live on the radio in the very same spot that Jimi Hendrix had played it in the Orford cellar Norwich, 40 years before. January 25th 2007.

The course lasts seven hours and there is a maximum of 9 students at any time

The cost is £110 for the day and includes all course notes and loan of any tools required during the course.

Lunch is available at the conference hall. Tea and coffee will be provided for you (bring your own Hob-Nobs!)

You will need to bring your own guitar with you so we can discuss your own particular set-up and change the strings.

During the course we will learn the correct way to change strings, so you will need a new set of strings for this purpose. We have Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Super Slinky strings for £4.10 a set, please let us know if you require a set when you book your place on the AMPGUY SURVIVAL COURSE.

Bassists will need to bring their own strings as we don't hold stocks of these.

The courses are held in Norwich and are on a "first come, first served" basis always on a Saturday or Sunday (most of our clients have a day job!)

If you send an email to us indicating which Satudays or Sundays are not suitable for you, we will mail you back with our first available date and you can take it from there. We aim to be flexible, we are in bands and know that gigs are important to you.

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